The content created as part of the Enseigner le bois project is hosted on a Moodle portal, which teachers can access for free upon request. This portal is the result of collaborative efforts from educators, wood and educational engineering experts. The themes developed in Phase 1 of the project are :

  • Theme 1 : Introduction to Wood Construction
  • Thème 2 : Structural Analysis Concepts
  • Thème 3 : Fire Safety

23 modules were produced during phase 1 of the project, grouped into three main themes :

Theme 1
Introduction to Wood Construction
Theme 2
Structural Analysis Concepts
Theme 3
Fire Safety
History of Wood Construction Wood construction Codes and references General information
Québec Forest Resources Structural wood products Wood Allowance According to the Code
Environmental benefits Structural systems – Advanced concepts Light Wood Frame
Wood properties Calculations of Structural Elements in Flexure Solid Wood Construction
Structural systems – Fundamentals Calculations of Structural Elements in Tension, Compression, and Combined Loading Equivalent measure
Non-Structural Wood Applications Assembly Techniques
Biophilia Post-and-Beam Systems
Sustainability Light Wood Framing – Lateral Force Resistance System
Introduction to non-residential wood construction Solid Wood Panel Systems


Cecobois would like to warmly thank all the writers and reviewers who contributed to the development of these modules :

  • Alain Cloutier, Eng.
  • Alexander Salenikovich, Eng.
  • Alexis Achim, For. Eng., Ph.D.
  • Aline Cobut, Eng. Ph.D.
  • Barbara Hébert, Forest technology teacher
  • Bechara Helal, Architect, Ph.D.
  • Bruno Couture, Bac. Sc. Appl., MBA
  • Camille Roy, CPI,  M.Sc. student
  • Caroline Frenette, Eng. Ph.D.
  • Christian Dagenais, Eng. Ph.D.
  • David Hanna, Eng.
  • Dominic Sanscartier Pilon, Eng. M.Sc.
  • Étienne Mondou, Eng.
  • Evelyne Thiffault, For. Eng.
  • Fernando Junior Leblanc-Carrera, Eng.
  • François Cantin, Associate Architect, M. Sc. A.
  • François Chaurette, Eng.
  • Gabrielle Pichette, Eng.
  • Guillaume Bédard-Blanchet, Eng.
  • Jacques White, Architect
  • Jean-Philippe Carrier, Eng.
  • Kevin Gazeau, Eng.
  • Luc Girompaire, M.Sc. student
  • Marc-André Langevin, Eng., M. Ing., M.Sc.A.
  • Marie-Ève Laverdure, Bachelor’s in wood engineering
  • Mathieu Létourneau-Gagnon, CPI. M.Sc.
  • Maxime Turgeon, Architect, PA LEED BD+C
  • Myriam Larouche, Eng.
  • Nicholas Denis, Architect
  • Richard Pleau, Eng. Ph.D.
  • Rosaline Larivière-Lajoie, CPI, M.Sc.
  • Sébastien Labbé, Architect
  • Simon Gallagher, Eng., M.Sc.A.
  • Simon T. Bellavance, Eng.
  • Vadim Siegel, Architect